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1. července 2010 v 22:24 | T |  The english cuckoo
I know I became smaller in these days. And in this small form I tried to put myself in the big meanings. The clearest example from every - almost every post consists of something like general shit starting with "sometimes everything goes away from you" or "I don't believe in god" (that's true, I don't believe, but exactly this is kinda hilarious example of it).
This post has no special reason. I just don't want to write bulshits in czech, so I tried to write it in english.
I'd like to give to my blog everything which I gave it in the past. But I just can't stop wondering "what if she, he, they will read it". This is one of my problems- I care so much about what people thinking of me, saying of me etc...

Well, now I'm trying figure out who I'm and find something which will be the best for me. The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm starting suspect nothing like "the best for you" can't ever exist. There are always some "against" and some "for". It depends only on you how far you can don't notice the "against".
I started driving school. Thanks god (or anyone) they're insured. But it will be sad to tell someone's child "sorry, I just wanted to kill the mosquito which were on my arm" (exactly this I did today and the fence seemed so close :D)
What about you and some driving experience? :D

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1 Layla Layla | Web | 1. července 2010 v 23:15 | Reagovat <- driving experience

next one: I crashed into my grandma's brand new car with my father's car on your yard.

Then: I also care too much. But since my boyfriend isn't reading my blog, I'm quite calm. Just don't say names and put everything in mild hints. 8-)

2 T T | Web | 2. července 2010 v 8:23 | Reagovat

My biggest problems are pedals and gear shift (therefore only the most important things :D )

3 T T | Web | 2. července 2010 v 8:25 | Reagovat

- How long it takes, you know, "know how"? :D

4 Layla Layla | Web | 2. července 2010 v 11:46 | Reagovat

I've had my driving license for year and a half now and I can't still drive on my own and my car named Lída sometimes makes strange noises, when I force her to do something :D

5 T T | Web | 2. července 2010 v 12:15 | Reagovat

Well, now I'm feeling better :D

6 Layla Layla | Web | 2. července 2010 v 22:04 | Reagovat

Today, I found out, that my car has expired maintenance inspection from 19th October 2009. I guess I' screwed :D

7 T T | Web | 4. července 2010 v 18:48 | Reagovat

Right :D

8 HR Nábytek HR Nábytek | Web | 9. července 2010 v 16:49 | Reagovat

HR Nábytek

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