Prosinec 2009

Very merry christmas!

23. prosince 2009 v 19:57 | Threes |  Žiju aneb poema
Mějte se dobře, dobře a dobře!

Can dreams come true? Please, because of Xmas!

14. prosince 2009 v 21:55 | Threes |  Photos
I want to have

I know your name. I got your number. I know your game. And now I wonder.

7. prosince 2009 v 20:08 | Threes |  The english cuckoo
So, my last friday night was very busy. Finally I don't take the green dresses 'cause it really isn't made for me. So If someone wanted green dresses with brand Jonathan Martin, I sell it for a few prise. The dresses are for girls who are rather smaller than larger.
(sorry about the quality)
Well I desided I'll go in the black dresses from River Island. Now I aware I have a lot of brand marks, most of River Island and TopShop. Keep an eye on me, I'm becoming.. uh, I'm afraid to call a spade :D
I must say that you are too lazy to comment my posts in english, losers! :D

I swor I'll never fall in love with the boy in a rock & roll band. I feel I would do anything for you but baby, sometimes I forget.

2. prosince 2009 v 21:58 | Threes |  The english cuckoo
Hi, candies :)
Today is very special day.
Because nothing important happend :D
I just tried to learn english for 3 hours! It can sound silly but I don't know anything more than modal verbs. I really wanted to learn all of words in english-conversation, but it showed like impossible thing to do.
I'm looking forward England, 'cause I clearly will go there. I'm sure that my together-english-girl will want to tell about our trip something more in comments :D

We'll go in the Starbucks, buy by Vivienne Westwood, Tiffany and eat strawberries in chocolate, seafood and bacon with eggs for brunch. We'll drink white british coffee and true british tea. So, now I used most word I know from my today english learning :D
I have a fear of the ball on Friday, because I have bought unusual dress. At least for me :) Because the evening dresses are like a pea green and fluffy. Usually I wore dresses with inconspicuous colors and I was catching up it with inconspicuous accessories - big color earrings or something like that. So this is for me a little courage :D
I think I'm in the end. And what about you and friday night?